Winter 2024 Newletter

Winter 2024 Newletter


Welcome to the Winter edition of my Well Being Newsletter!

Winter so far has been pretty mild. No snow as of yet when I am writing this. Another change of year and many New Year resolutions have been made.

When it is sunny but cold, I don’t mind it as you can dress to keep warm and there is nothing better then coming home from a cold, wintry walk and having a hot drink to warm up and chill out with.

In the last newsletter I discussed lack of motivation so please feel free to check it out here if you missed it.

A few of my clients are finding this time of year difficult for a variety of reasons. If you lost a loved one in 2023 the turning into a new year can be difficult as time seems to be moving on so fast when you are grieving. Or you may still be stuck in that job you dislike and the turning of every year reminds you that you have not made any changes again.

Also, Christmas has gone and all that excitement before this then creates a big void after the festivities are over. Or for some Christmas has been a difficult time with the family and there is a sense of relief now its all over but January seems a long month to get through financially and emotionally.

What might help with these after Christmas blues?

  • Look at the year ahead and plan activities/holidays/book time away from work even if just to chill at home.
  • Time seems to go fast, so book those dates and times with friends you want to spend more time with. Coffee/lunch/dinner/walk/other activities. Put them in the diary so its’ booked and you feel more organised.
  • De clutter your home
  • Clear out old clothes. If not been worn in the last year, donate to charity
  • Fresh coat of paint in your home or other indoor DIY jobs. When the weather is not great, make use of this by doing this type of indoor work
  • Go out into nature. Dress warm if it is cold and just breath in fresh air and enjoy the sounds and smells of being out.
  • Look at your finances and aim to get straight for the year ahead. Budgeting is a real important life skill and starting in the New Year will really help set you up right for the year ahead. How much can be saved/paid off, etc.
  • Make a grateful list. What things are you grateful for going into this new year? Friends/family members/support/life-work balance. Etc.

A positive mindset is something all of us can do. When you feel low when you get up, think about some positive things about the day ahead or even positive things that happened the day before. If it’s hard to get motivated in the mornings, look forward to a nice breakfast, nice cup of tea/coffee or some fresh juice. Some people like a day light which is a light that comes on in the morning to help you to wake up. Attempt to get rid of the negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones. Mindfulness is also a great thing to practice in the morning. Spend a little quiet, calm time focusing on the here and now rather then past or future.

I am still putting on and will continue to produce some online courses which may be of interest to you, please find some details below. Click on the link to see the course details.

Improve your motivation:

Self-care for better mental health:

Course on Parenting help and support:

It is important if you are struggling with your mental health to make contact with a professional. Talking with a stranger, in a calm, confidential, safe space who has no judgments can be life changing. If it is an emergency please contact your GP or their out of hours number so you can access help and support right away.

Please keep an eye on my website as well as my Facebook page as I am there supporting you as much as I can. Like my page or share with others on:

Just another reminder of my usual opening hours, these are the hours for reaching me. I do work in the evening with clients but am not available for calls/emails/texts, etc.

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There always is some limited availability on a Saturday which may suit clients.

Please find an article on ‘Seeing the Sunny Side of Failure’.

Seeing the Sunny Side of a Failure

If you’ve ever heard someone say “just try to be positive” when you’re going through a rough time, you can probably already feel your eyes rolling. Trying to maintain a positive and happy attitude through failure is often easier said than done!

However, it is possible to learn how to see the sunny side of failure. While doing so won’t make all the big, challenging emotions of experiencing failure go away for good, it can help you process those emotions in a more useful and efficient manner.

What does it mean to see the “sunny side” of a failure?

Trying to see the “sunny side” of something is a metaphor for finding the little spot of goodness within something negative or bad. For example, going through a failure can be rough – you can feel bad about yourself, experience self doubt, or even feel embarrassment over what happened. It adds a dark cloud over your life, at least for a little while.

When you try finding the sunny side of a failure, it means you’re searching for the one little bit of light that shines through those negative emotions and thoughts. To find that little bit of light, you’ll have to look at your failure from a different perspective. For example, you may…

  • Focus on the lessons learned from the failure.

Every failure is a chance to learn something new about yourself, other people, or the world around you. Even though your efforts failed, you leave the situation with knowledge you can use to avoid repeating the failure again. This kind of knowledge serves as the bit of light within a failure: you are given the power to use your knowledge and protect yourself from similar mistakes again.2.#

  • Focus on what you still have in life or what is going right for you, despite the failure.

After a failure, it’s easy to allow your thinking to be totally consumed with what happened. A good way to pull yourself out of that darkness is to find some light in what is still going well in your life. For example, even though you failed at something, you may still have your family, friends, career, home, etc. to love and enjoy despite the failure you experienced. If you focus your attention on these brighter spots, it can be much easier to find the sunny side of your failure.

  • Focus on reasons why the failure may have been good for you.

Yes, it is possible for a failure to be good for you! This may seem like a strange way to think about failing but take some time to consider why getting what you wanted could have worked out negatively. In the heat of the moment, a failure can feel like the end of the world – however, succeeding at some things doesn’t guarantee that the future would have continued working out in your favour. Sometimes, failing at something signals the end of an event that could have led you down a different, perhaps even insidious pathway.

  • Focus on your own humanity.

Human beings are going to make mistakes and fail. Nobody is perfect…even if they may seem that way! Because you are a human being, you are going to experience your share of failing and mistake-making as well. When you experience failure, remind yourself of your own humanity. Failing at something is a totally normal part of life for all human beings. When you fail, you are simply being human. Focusing on this reality can make it easier to see the sunnier side of failure and help you process your feelings more quickly.

Hope you enjoyed this newsletter! I look forward to producing another one in the Spring!

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