Winter 2021 Newsletter now out

Winter 2021 Newsletter now out


Winter 2021 Newsletter Edition

Welcome to the Winter edition of my Well Being Newsletter!

It has just gone the 1st February as I am putting this newsletter together and all the busyness of December is gone and the January lull is also over. There are images all over social media telling us it is not long till Spring and I am sure most of us cannot wait. Flowers coming back out and to see leaves on trees again is always hopeful. We are still under the Corona pandemic cloud but since Christmas time, lots of people have been vaccinated so hopefully the lockdowns will be ending in the not too distant future. It feels very much if most people have just been hunkering down at home and trying to just get through this. And we will, there is light at the end of the tunnel, so let’s all hold on a bit longer!

Currently, all my work is on Zoom through video link. If you are struggling with anxieties around the pandemic or any other issues, please make contact as you are not alone. You may feel alone as all our social connections seem to have been severely limited due to the virus, but you are not and you just need to reach out and call, text or email me for support, help or just for somebody to listen to you. Zoom is great as you don’t have to leave home so can be in your own comfortable surroundings whilst talking to me.

In ongoing news, my website now has a shop facility so if you are looking for handmade self care products for yourself or friends or family, do check it out on my site.

A few of you signed up for my ‘7 days to improve your self esteem email series’. I hope you enjoyed it and feel like it has helped you improve your self esteem. If you missed it, you can still sign up on this link here. It is FREE and all you need to do is read an email for 7 days on how to improve self esteem and use the tools and information provided to increase this. If you enjoyed it, please let me know and if you have any other feedback on what you might like to see me doing, please do let me know. The work is still going on to do other small series like this and as soon as they are ready, you will see the information on my website or on the Facebook page. Thanks for your continued support for my small, local business as always!

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Please find below some tips for the coming months

Stress: Are you finding you are feeling stressed out in your life? Here are 4 simple tips which many help you. 1. Exercise- A little goes a long way, so even a walk three times a week of 20 minutes is enough to calm you down. Being out in the fresh air and in nature is a great stress buster. 2. Eat Dark Chocolate – Milk Chocolate is loaded with sugar, so look at dark chocolate as it contains epicatechin. This compound is highly sought after, as it has multiple beneficial effects on improving heart health, brain function and more, but also the ability to reduce the effects of stress, and perceived stress. Perceived stress is defined as a relative level of stress, since what affects one person may not affect another. Improving your threshold that causes negative effects is extremely important. 3. Meditate – This does not have to involve sitting cross legged on the floor, it can be as simple as taking a few moments out of your day to sit quietly, focus on your breathing and being in the moment without thinking about past or future. 4. Laugh- The number one enemy of stress is fun. Laughter is the best medicine after all, as it can do miracles, ranging from reducing blood pressure, mediating pain responses, and helping to manage the negative effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Stressed individuals rarely take time out to smile and have fun, which only feeds the flames of a downward spiral. Make time for memories, have fun with family and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Anxiety: At the moment many of us are being pushed to the limit in this pandemic. How do we keep ourselves calm and just get through this difficult time? 1. Reaching out to friends will help you feel connected once again. Zoom, Skype, making a phone call are still within our reach and this will help keep us connected to the wider world.  2. Control the news- With all the channels and social media we now have access to, control what you watch. Maybe catching up on news every other day will be enough, it does not need to be observed and worried about for 24 hours a day as it can be on our screen that much if we let it. Find something to fill the voids you may experience in life. This could be being out in the garden, learning a new skill, sorting out things at home that have been waiting for a long time to be sorted out, pause all social media- just focus on not being connected to that for several hours a day, write a ‘to do’ list and as you find yourself in a ‘quiet, maybe void place’ use your list to find something to busy yourself with. If you feel anxiety taking over, practice good deep breathing techniques or I can send you some information on this and/or relaxation techniques which may help. Natural Home Remedy for Anxiety: There is a home remedy that’s getting a lot of attention for its effectiveness. If you make a turmeric lemonade using filtered or sparkling water, honey, fresh lemon juice, and freshly grated or powdered turmeric, it not only tastes delicious but will also help with your anxiety. Turmeric has proven to be highly effective in treating both depression and anxiety naturally. Its antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties allow it to reduce your stress hormones and increase the happy hormones like serotonin.

Sleep: Do you suffer with insomnia or just find it hard to go to sleep? Sometimes this can be due to the calm and quietness before sleeping time and your brain is still racing around. I may help to get all those thoughts out on paper before you put your head on the pillow to sleep. It is also best to not eat meals late at night as this will affect digestion and makes it harder to fall asleep. The best idea is to have eaten your food before 8pm at night to enable you to sleep best. Putting some lavender pillow mist on your pillow helps some people to get to sleep. Check out my shop for a lovely, soft lavender pillow spray. Natural Home Remedy to Treat Insomnia: Many of those that favor natural remedies swear up and down that drinking homemade banana cinnamon tea one hour before going to bed will work better to cure insomnia than a sleeping pill. You make this tea by submerging a peeled banana in a small pot of boiling water. You add a pinch of cinnamon and then strain. Potassium and magnesium are well-known natural muscle relaxants, both of which are found in bananas. The cinnamon works to regulate the blood sugar in your body so that you can fast the whole night through.


Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy’ – Robert Tew  

Keep safe and I will see you in the next newsletter. Please feel free to forward to anybody who may benefit from anything in here.

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