Summer 2022 Newsletter

Summer 2022 Newsletter


Summer 2022 Newsletter Edition

Welcome to the Summer edition of my Well Being Newsletter!

What a difference a year makes! I was looking back on my summer newsletter from 2021 and we were still living in Covid times even though some restrictions were lifting. Life does seem to be more back to ‘normal’. Covid is still out there but we are all out of the restrictive times. Even though I have recently heard there still are a lot of people who are catching Covid, so please still be as safe as you can be out there.

Summer is here and this always boosts a lot of people’s moods, just with the lighter, longer days and the warmth and sunshine is great after the winter.

Mental health can be better in the summer for some people but anxieties, depression, bereavement, phobias, etc can all still be part of us and can bring us down and sometimes affect our quality of life.

In my therapy work in the last couple of months, it has seemed to be all about anger management, bereavement, loss, addiction, anxiety, depression, OCD, parenting, relationship and confidence issues. The age range for my work is between 19-80 at the moment. It is fascinating to work in a job where you have this big an age range to work with. Also there does seem to be overlaps in what I am working on with clients. If you are young or older, the issues above can still affect you. So please seek help when you need it.

As last mentioned in the previous newsletter, having a puppy has changed my life so much. I did not realise it would be this much work and how much fitter I am getting by going out as well as how much fun and excitement he brings into my life. As he is getting closer to age 1 next month, I do hope some of the puppy naughtiness will fade out but we will see! Still walking at least 1-2 times a day to keep him entertained and exercised.

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Two new eBooks are out for purchase on my website: Guide to Stress management and Guide to Low Mood/Depression.

Please check them out, they are on a special offer at the moment but will revert back to normal price in a few weeks, so grab a copy now. These are part of a new series of self help books I hope to produce in the future. I have called it the ‘help yourself series’. These are on download but I can print and post a copy out to you just let me know as there will be a small print/postage charge.

Seeking volunteers! Are you a parent? Would you like to have access to a special, not published yet, view of my new online parenting course? It is a big course consisting of 8 chapters and various topics in each to do with misbehaviours, parenting styles, how to help your child be more cooperative and build their self esteem and how to parent better?

I am looking for just a handful of parents to access this course for free to offer feedback on it. The course will be selling for between £200-£300 once it has been completed as it will provide access to me to help you with questions as you go through the course. To volunteer for a peek at this please email me on .

It will be first come, first served so if this is of interest to you email me now to let me know and I can give you further details.

I am close to finalising it but would like some parents to feedback on it in exchange you have access to an online course for free. Please find more details on this link here:

Face to face appointments now take place at the Thame Barns Centre as well as The Practice in Thame. (The Practice is only for daytime only). Both these locations are central in Thame with plenty of parking and the rooms are lovely. Please contact me as normal through my website/email/telephone number to book in either of these locations. You can aloso book online, apart from couples counselling as this requires more time.

And please if you are a past or present client who has experienced great support and help from me, please do not hesitate to recommend me to somebody who you feel may need help and support. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is. Thanks to those of you who have recommended me to others! I am just a small local business and this means a lot to me.


With me working so much on video link I have now set up a YouTube channel. There is currently only a couple of things on there, aiming to put more on there in time. Find the link here to have a look and subscribe.

Please keep an eye on my website as well as my Facebook page as I am there supporting you as much as I can. Please share and like my page on:


My recommended books:

Please find some books below you may like to read.

Five love languages by Gary Chapman – to learn about which is your love language to enable better communications. I recommend this in my couples counselling.

The courage to be disliked by Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga- To learn about Adlerian concepts and to learn about how to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness

A parent’s guide to understanding and motivating children-Amy Lew & Betty Lou Bettner– A wonderful book for parents and I use this a lot in my parenting classes and conversations with parents.

Staring at the sun- Irvin D Yalom & Sean Mangan – Overcoming the terror of death, confronting our own mortality.

How you feel is up to you- Darren Saunders– Understanding yourself and working hard towards finding clarity and positive change within your negative self-beliefs.


8 quick tips for the summer:

  1. Don’t fear failure

The fear of failure often paralyses us. Thoughts of disappointments and shame hinder us from working on our dreams. The only way to get over the fear of failure is to look at failure as an opportunity to learn and be progressive.

  1. I am not good enough statements

Feelings of inferiority and low self esteem are the main reasons people choose to give up fighting for what they believe in. They often compare themselves to other people and conclude that they are less talented and less skilled than the next person.

  1. Lacking motivation

People tend to give up on a lot of things due to the lack of motivation, a lack of inspiration or the outward stimulation to keep going. Find the right reasons why you want to do that particular task and accomplish it, when things go sideways that will always be your motivation.

  1. Asking for help when you are struggling

No man is an island. Surround yourself with a healthy support system. Find people who can provide a safe space in which you can discuss anything with no fear of judgement or ridicule. There is no shame in asking for help if you feel overwhelmed. People often worry that to ask for help means they are a failure when this is not true at all. Understanding yourself enough to know when you need support helps your personal growth and self-awareness.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

If we hear a lot of negativity around us it is easy to get drawn into this downward spiral. Take a closer look at the friendships you have and if they are negative, then let them go. Connect with positive people which will help you feel more upbeat.

  1. Silencing the inner critic

Parents, guardians and siblings sometimes feel the need to crush the very people they should be supporting. Stand up to these demotivating down talkers. Challenge what you have been told by other people. Most people voice their opinions coming from biased perspectives, why then would you let your life be shaped by these? You have the final say regarding the direction your life takes and your destiny.

  1. Trust your gut

Find yourself, take time out to be quiet so that you can listen to your heart. Many times, we get into serious trouble simply because we ignore ourselves. We look for solutions and guidance from other people without ever giving our own true being a chance to be our compass. The truth is no one else knows you as you do yourself.

  1. Look at a bad experience as a valuable lesson

Every failure comes with an important lesson. Think ‘what valuable lesson can I take from this’ will always help you look at failure from a different viewpoint.


Opening hours: Usually I work hours as below but will be away for one week from Saturday 23rd July.

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am- 6pm

Wednesday 2pm-7pm

Thursday 3pm-8pm

Some Saturdays by prior arrangement.


‘How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’ – Anne Frank  

Keep safe and I will see you in the next newsletter. Please feel free to forward to anybody who may benefit from anything in here.



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