Improve Your Self Esteem Bundle


Improve Your Self Esteem Bundle

Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £19.99.

This is the extra bundle. As well as the eBook and the audio MP3 of the eBook, it also includes a workbook to help your learning as well as 4 infographics for the visual learners amongst us, 4 articles on self care and 2 videos on Self Esteem. And also, 2 checklists. Temporarily on a special price offer of £19.99. Grab the bundle now to start to Improve your Self Esteem.



This bundle has the over 10,000 words eBook, audio MP3 of the whole eBook as well as some extras:

  1. A workbook you can print or download and work through as you are going through the eBook to help you to reflect and cement knowledge better
  2. For visual learners, images help to acquire knowledge so in this product bundle we have added no less then 4 infographics about this topic to help you ‘visualise’ your learning
  3. 2 checklists: ’40 reasons to improve self esteem’, and ‘122 proactive actions to build self esteem’


4 articles on Self care as this helps to build Self esteem.

2 Videos: ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Boost Self Esteem’

Temporarily on special offer! Grab it now before the price goes up.


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