Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer


Lovely aromatherapy shower steamers for you to turn your bathroom into a home spa. Place one in front of you, on the floor of your shower, where it will get wet, but not drenched. Then, breathe in deeply as the oils vaporise. These steamers are long-lasting, so they may outlast your shower depending on their position or length of your time in the shower! Just push it into the corner of your shower, and it’ll be there for next time.

Made using only natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

Vegan friendly


Most people have heard of bath bombs for the bath, but how about if you could have something similar for the shower? Well, you can now, it is called an aromatherapy shower steamer. Just pop one in when you are having a shower and as it dissolves as it touches water, the lovely steam it creates smells divine. It’s like having your own home spa in your bathroom. Why not try it or gift it to a friend, family member or work colleague? It makes for a wonderful pick me up, especially in these times of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

There are three steamers in the pack which are wrapped up in a cute, yellow wrap and tied together with a gold ribbon.


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