June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Welcome back to the Summer edition of my Well Being Newsletter!

After having been in lockdown since March due to COVID 19, restrictions are now slowly starting to be relaxed.

What does this mean for counselling? With current government guidance on hairdressers and beauticians going back from the beginning of July, I am hoping I may be able to start face to face appointments from around the beginning of July, but due to school holidays it may be more likely to be beginning of September.

Due to lockdown, all clients were postponed, so my return to ‘normal’ will take some time and I appreciate your patience with this. When we do return, there will be some new measures I will put into place to ensure the safety for all. This will consist of a hand sanitizer station for clients upon entering the room. The chairs and door handle will be wiped with anti bac between clients.  As social distancing measures are still in place, we will stay at least 2 metres apart from each other. If you wish to wear a facemask/visor you are welcome to. It will be best for you to wait outside or in your car and when ready I will come to the surgery front door to welcome you in.

I know for many of us it has been and still is a scary time. Upon restarting counselling, I will text or email you to offer you a space, if you do not feel ready to return please let me know straight away and we can postpone it to later. My Facebook page as well as my website will have updates on it if there are any changes to this. Below I have tried to tackle some issues you have may experienced in the last couple of months and I hope these tools may help you.

In latest Product news, I have finally finalised my Journaling Workbook. If you have wanted to do journaling and you do not know where to start, check this out. This downloadable journaling workbook has over 100 prompts to help your journaling. This month (June) I am offering a 40%discount on the products in my online shop. My shop is on my life coaching website currently, so please go to this link to check out the products on there: http://www.mirellafoxlifecoaching.co.uk/shop/. To receive the 40% discount, please use this coupon code when checking out: X75H6H6D

If you or somebody you know is struggling, I would love to help, so please feel free to forward them my details. Please find all information as well as frequent blogs on my website: www.mirellafoxcounselling.co.uk.

Also, please like my Facebook page for updates and articles: https://www.facebook.com/adleriancounselling/?ref=bookmarks

I am continuing to provide video counselling, email me for more information if this is of interest.  

Please find below 3 tips for the coming weeks.

  1. Anxiety/panic attacks: If you are suffering with anxiety and/or panic attacks, the first tip would be to focus on your breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply for 5 counts in and 7 out is going to help calm you down. Really feel the breath going in and out and focus on counting. Secondly, participate in some exercise. This is great for self-care and helps to overcome anxiety. And last tip is to change your diet. Certain foods can have an impact on your anxiety levels. Top foods to avoid: Fried foods, alcohol, coffee and other kinds of caffeine, refined sugars, foods like pickles, yoghurt, sour cream, eggs, wine and liver create acid which can cause a drop in your magnesium levels. Magnesium levels have been shown to have a direct relationship with anxiety symptoms.
  2. Parenting help/advice: Parenting is a massive field and it is hard to just pick one thing to focus on with this topic, but I will try. Most adults would not consider embarking on a career or a sport without learning all they could and getting as much training as possible, yet when you become a parent there is no manual, nobody tells what it really is like so it is literally like being thrown in the deep end and being expected to swim without having been taught how. I think the most important thing is for parents to simply think about what they hope to accomplish , who they want their children to become and whether what they are doing is productive or counter productive to achieving their goals. I will be doing a parenting course in the future which will give a lot more tools, help and ways to help you manage parenting.
  3. Self-care: Here are a few quick tips for self-care. Get proper nutrition, especially protein in the day. Avoid meal skipping and be aware of hunger cues. Limit excess caffeine, Exercise or walk for 30 minutes a day or longer. Develop a supportive social network. Create healthy boundaries with technology, especially before sleep. Use mindfulness tools to counter stress.

Some inspiration for you for the forthcoming weeks:  Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy – Robert Tew

Keep safe everybody.

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