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Free Stuff

Thanks for visiting, please find some free articles below of topics you may find of interest.

For many of my clients, one thing that stands out is that some have low self esteem. If this is you, try this 7 day email series on ‘How to Improve Your Self Esteem’. Click here for the link to sign up on to receive an email from me for 7 days about how to improve your self esteem. This series covers what low self esteem is and how to improve it. This is a FREE email series, so grab your copy now!


Self care is another topic many clients struggle with so here is a FREE article to help you make time for yourself. I have also recorded a short piece you can listen to as an MP3 on self care. Please click play below.

If you suffer with anxiety, I have recorded a small piece for you which may help you called ‘Dropping the suitcase of worries and regrets’. Please find the MP3 below.

How to stop the Inner Critic constantly telling you what you doing wrong. A short MP3 audio below for you to listen to.


Does your life consists of too many ‘shoulds’? Click on the pdf below to see which 25 ‘shoulds’ to avoid.

25 shoulds to avoid

In time I will add more articles/eBooks to this site. So please visit back frequently to see what is new.

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