Creating A Daily Self Care Routine

Creating A Daily Self Care Routine


Create a Daily Self-Care Routine

When you are struggling with anxiety, it is not something that happens to you every

once in a while in most cases. The majority of people deal with anxiety on a regular

basis, often at least once a day. Instead of letting it consume you, learn how to cope

with your anxiety by creating a self-care routine.


Why Self-Care?

Self-care might seem like a trend, but it is much more than that. Yes, it has increased in

popularity recently, but the core of self-care is about doing things for yourself that will

make you a healthier, happier, and more balanced person.


For anxiety, self-care helps tremendously. It is going to help reduce your stress, which

ultimately helps with anxiety as well. You also learn tips and tricks for coping with your

anxiety based on how you adjust your daily self-care routine, whether that means

reducing anxiety triggers or finding healthy distractions when you tend to have

heightened anxiety or panic.


What to Include in the Routine

Like most things, what works in one person’s daily self-care routine might not work for

you. However, here are some ideas of what can be helpful:


Try yoga in the morning – Yoga is wonderful for everyone with anxiety or stress. It is

relaxing and teaches you how to practice your breathing exercises.


Switch to a healthy breakfast – Taking good care of your body will also help you to take

care of your mind. Everything is connected, so start your day right with a healthy and

nutritious breakfast.


Write in your journal daily – Writing in a journal provides a long list of benefits when you

have anxiety. You can write out any thoughts or fears you have, and actually get to the

core of why you feel this way.


Use a daily planner – Planners allow you to reduce some stress and anxiety over the

fear of missing out, or feeling like you are always forgetting to do something. Many

people with anxiety find that structure is beneficial.


Customising it for Your Needs


If you start a self-care routine, and parts of it just aren’t helping you, don’t do it!

Journaling isn’t for everyone, and some people love baths at night, while others don’t

enjoy them at all. You really want to customise this for your own needs, preferences,

and schedule.


Pick a time of day when you tend to have a little more time to yourself, whether that is

right when you wake up, before bed, or in the middle of the day during your lunch break.


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